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The 95 Family of Gas Furnaces


Lifetime Heat Exchangers

Exceptional comfort even on the coldest days.

You depend on your furnace to take care of your home and family's heating needs. That's exactly why we build every Trane 95 gas furnace to be as durable and reliable as possible. Trane 95 furnaces are quiet and cost less to operate with a very high AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). They are so efficient that over 95% of the fuel you pay for is actually converted into heat for you home. And the temperature control is precise, delivering a higher level of comfort. You get clean, comfortable air even when the weather outside is frigid.


  • Quiet and efficient - the TRANE XC95m converts 95%, or more, fuel into heat, warming your home more cost effectively.

  • Features modulating heating, variable-speed blower motor and Comfort-R for more even comfort and energy savings.

  • Optional clean air setting improves the filter's ability to remove allergens from the air in your home.

  • Works in summer with your air conditioner and cooling coil to distribute cool air and dehumidify your home.


HeatingSplit System Heating

The XLi Family of Heat Pumps

Welcome home to the highest level of clean comfort.

XLi heat pumps are designed and engineered to meet rigid specifications, tested to assure excellent performance, and manufactured to last. Each unit is also designed to deliver exceptional reliability and energy efficiency all day, all night and for years to come. XLi heat pumps thoroughly condition your air, making your home environment ideal.

Trane matched systems: Take your XLi to the next level.

When you choose an XLi heat pump, you'll enjoy the utmost in consistent comfort. You can enhance its performance even more when you make it part of a Trane "matched system." A matched system is comprised of multiple Trane components, each of which has been designed and engineered to work seamlessly together to enhance overall performance for maximum efficiency and reliability. There is simply no better way to create your ideal home environment. Call Genes today to have a Qualified Trane Comfort Specialist give you a Free Estimate.

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HumidifierTrane Humidifiers 

When the temperature plummets outside so does the relative humidity inside your home. The air inside your home feels dry and parched. It doesn't take long before you can see the results. Dry air absobs moisture from furniture, wood floors, woodwork, paintings and musical instrments. Static electricity is a frequent annoyance. And, if you or someone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma, dry air may aggravate their condition. The addition of a humidifier to your central heating and air conditioning system is the perfect remedy. Whether you live in an area with winter conditions or in an area where the climate is hot and dry, Trane humidifers are designed to add just the right amount of moisture so you can be comfortable.

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